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Jaime Ambriz just keeps going. He’s been riding the bus and his bike back and forth from Fillmore to Ventura three days a week to work at the Ventura Bike HUB, and running the Fillmore HUB on Fridays and Saturdays. If that wasn’t enough, he also coordinated a fantastic event in his hometown on Saturday.

The Arts, Beats and Eats festival wouldn’t have been possible without so much support from the Fillmore business and art community. Roan Mills Bakery came through big by providing their parking lot as a space for the fair (as well as delectable house-baked treats). Other organizations that popped up were The Fillmore Lions Club, the Arts Guild of Fillmore, and the Mexican Consulate (all the way from Oxnard!) 

“This doesn’t happen much in Fillmore,” said Che Villa, a friend and mentor to Jaime. BikeVentura is looking forward to Jaime’s next event, and we’re pretty sure Fillmore is too! 

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