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Chickens are  a great addition to a home-grown veggie garden. They reduce bugs, eat scraps, provide high-quality organic fertilizer, and make cute pets – all the while, providing healthy food for the family.

An excellent way to reduce your carbon foot print is through what you eat!  By growing food on a small organic scale right in your own back yard, you can avoid shipping, packaging, refrigerated warehouses, and petroleum fertilizers and pesticides.

Put these two concepts together, and you have why VCCool has been hard at work to make city ordinance more friendly toward these feathered friends.

Problem is, most people don’t realize what good neighbors city hens can be. They’ve only had experience with dogs, and are wary about introducing something they’re not familiar with. The good news is that hens have a lower decibel level than dogs, and for a much shorter time. Also, to get nitty and gritty, one average dog poops as much as 10 average hens – and that stuff is too stinky and dangerous to make good compost. Experienced gardeners know that chickens chow down on all sorts of bugs like earwigs, fly larva, and even snails.

If you are interested in being involved in our efforts to make Ventura chicken friendly, please write to

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