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'Wild' Bill Knorr

If you’ve been in to visit the HUB in the last six months, chances are you saw ‘wild’ Bill helping someone fix their bike. He’s been volunteering at the HUB day-in and day-out, and has become a member of the BikeVentura family. He is an unwaveringly accommodating and friendly presence; a transformative change from a past that landed him on parole. 

Bill Knorr became a daily volunteer after discovering the HUB through our work-trade program, but stuck around after he found the sense of accomplishment he got from helping out so satisfying. While he’s had trouble in the past, Bill quickly states the change is definitely due to being in the constructive HUB environment surrounded by positive coworkers.  “When I come home from a day at the HUB, my sister notices the good attitude I have,” Bill tells other volunteers at a shop meeting, “this place is good for my psychological health and keeps me straight.”  Not only has Bill helped at the HUB, he’s also volunteered at bike valet events around town, and even makes his way down to the new Oxnard HUB on Tuesdays to volunteer there. He says he’s “working” for BikeVentura, and his “paycheck is the smile on someone’s face when they leave the HUB with a bike he helped teach them how to fix.”

 Recently, Bill was working on his bike, and it was in bad shape. It seems like he spent so much time helping us out he had neglected his own bicycle! He had done so much for us, we decided it was time to give Bill a new bike that he could enjoy riding, and we did want to show our gratitude despite his insistence on not wanting a “handout.” With some convincing, he graciously accepted his new bike, changed the handlebars to be more comfortable, and can be seen riding to and from the HUB whenever we’re open. Come by and say hi to Bill!

Bill hard at work in Oxnard

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