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The Ventura and Oxnard HUBs will be closed from 8/9 - 8/15

It’s been an amazing year at BikeVentura, and our staff has been charging on all fronts to keep the momentum we have built in 2019 going. But we need to pause for the cause, take a breath, and recharge. So, the HUBs will go dark for a week and all of our staff will get a week of paid vacation. 

Between two HUBs and just four staff, if someone can’t work for whatever reason – vacation, health, other amazing BikeVentura programming – we feel it. We have to get creative with scheduling. We make it work, and with a smile, but we’ve earned a real week away without shifting any burdens or stress from one person to another. This is a true vacation. The staff agreed to this, picked a week, and it wasn’t hard to convince our board of directors to approve this closure. At BikeVentura we strive to be exemplary employers that take care of our staff first, so they can take care of our clients, volunteers, and our community.

None of this would be possible without all the amazing support we’ve had from you. The bike donations that keep coming in, the countless hours of volunteer labor, and your BikeVentura memberships are what allowed us to look at our finances and say “this is doable.” So, thank you all so much for everything, and we hope you agree this is a worthwhile way to use our resources.

If you need to fix your bike, this is the week to do it! Drop in before Friday so you can get riding on these beautiful, sunny last days of Summer. We ask that you hold off on any bike donations for the time we’re closed.

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